The Yummy Travel Bowl is convenient for you to prepare food and water for the furry ones when you are on the go, without mixing or spillage!  You don’t even need to bring a water bottle!

  • How does it work?


Yummy Travel Bowls features a spill resistant water bowl that serves as the base, a food bowl that slips into the water bowl making the water bowl leak-free, and a lid that seals Yummy Travel Bowls making it spill-proof. The lid becomes an extra bowl when flipped over, thereby allowing for dry food, wet food, and water to be served in separate bowls. When the Yummy Travel Bowls lid is used as a food bowl, the saucer portion can be filled with water to keep ants out of food.

  • The stylish Yummy Travel Bowls available in five colors:yummy-colorsyummybowl_9211-1
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