Having trouble finding stylish dog crates or houses? We offer you a collection of attractive solutions.

Every pet dog needs a crate or a house. However, usually these items are an eyesore for the interior so you need to find a way to integrate them without wasting a lot of space and without disturbing the harmony in the interior design.

1. This chic dog crate from WE.DC is inspired by Demark Designers from Babydan.

stylish dog cage

2.  This DIY Contemporary Doghouse comes with a full step-by-step tutorial in case you want to make one for your pup. Wouldn’t this look cool painted gold?  With it’s flat top it could easily be used as an unique end table as well. Source: Adorable Home 


3. This is an eco-friendly den that is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. It is crafted from sustainably-harvested walnut, and the finish is 100% natural so that your beloved canine is not exposed to toxic chemicals. From GAMLA.

stylish dog cage house stylish dog cage house

4.  For a more natural look, this crate from Free Stitch would suit your needs:

5. You can also disguise the doghouse as an end table or a cabinet.  This set from idog & icat is stylish and practical.



6.  Another set of beautiful dog crates with a natural look from Pet Next.  The glass on one side lets more light in and makes it easier for the dog crate to blend in with your home decor. stylish dog cage stylish dog cage

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